The Web for IRL Socializing

Hungry for Social?: New online social service Grubwithus wants to help you “Eat with awesome people!” Unlike other social media sites, Grubwithus isn’t about collecting online connections and contacts; it’s about getting strangers together around a dinner table so they can enjoy food and hopefully some good conversation. All you have to do is go to the website, select a city, and purchase a ticket to one of the many dinners listed. Next to each dinner you can see who has already purchased a spot. Users can include a few fun facts about themselves in their bios for future dining mates to see. The service’s aim is to help people use a social media site to actually be social in real life — who would have thought? NYT

Sexting Reeducation: NY lawmakers want kids to know that sexting is not a good idea, and to that end have proposed the “Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act.” This piece of legislation would create an “educational reform program” to teach teens about real and lasting consequences of sending sexually explicit texts. This doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Anthony Weiner could have benefited from some sexting reeducation. Gawker

This is Great: If you aren’t a Parks and Rec fan, you should be. And if you are, you know that Rob Swanson is the best, and that he loves his meat.  Check out this brilliant compilation of Ron and his meat moments. Thanks Alex Leo!

Blog of the Day: Need a Pac Man ukulele or some Star Wars cufflinks? TheArtisticGeek is “Your source for Geeky, Gothy, Gamer-y and downright Unusual Etsy shops.”


Video of the Day: For all of you ladies who feel like you need more respect in the workplace. Forhead Tittaes.

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