The Signal: ValueClick’s Mobile Play



ValueClick Buys Greystripe: Greystripe, the mobile ad network most often associated with the gaming space, has now been acquired by ValueClick for $75 million. The mobile ad network space continues to get smaller, with Apple buying Quattro Wireless and Google buying AdMob. Each acquisition keeps getting lower and lower, which could spell trouble for other ad networks and platforms looking for an exit. VentureBeat


Nook Becomes a Tablet: While adventurous individuals having already taken the leap in the past to install native Android on their Nook, Barnes & Noble has provided an update that will actually sanction that use. While the version of Android ported over is not the tablet-focused Honeycomb, it’s still pretty useful. Adding Flash and a Nook app store to a device that was heavier than a Kindle, yet added nothing additional, might make it a better choice for the time being when it comes to e-book readers. ZDNet


More Signal? AT&T Offers a Suitcase Full: While there are currently portable cell boosters for home use, AT&T has offered a service for first responders to allow for establishing cell connection, both voice and data, when there’s no access to towers. The product costs $15,000-$45,000 and allows for a meager 14 simultaneous calls, so to us in NYC it would be fairly useless. But for disaster areas and in case of emergency, it could definitely provide some relief. It will be interesting to see what the level of adoption will be. Yahoo!


Elusive White iPhone Arrives: The white iPhone 4 is set to arrive this week. This may be enticing for users of the 3GS who have waited for the two-year contract to expire or crazy iPhone 4 users who need a new phone every 12 months, regardless. The plans for an iPhone 5 releasing in September seem to be more and more likely, which points to the iPhone 5 keeping the same size as the 4, to allow for black and white devices at launch. MobileCrunch


OpenFeint Acquired by Gree: Social gaming network OpenFeint has been acquired by leading Japanese social gaming platform Gree for $104 million. Gree, prior to the acquisition, boasted 25 million users, while OpenFeint brought in another 75 million users between iPhone and Android. The company originally started around the game Aurora Feint and then pivoted to focus on providing what Apple took its time to provide, a social gaming platform. OpenFeint is used by some of the largest mobile gaming companies in the space, such as EA, making it competitive with Apple’s own Game Center platform. MacApper

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