The Signal: Google’s Mobile Ambitions


Google’s Mobile Potential: Already the leading source for search online and mobile and one of the major players in the platform race, Google has made some great strides over its competitors. Providing visual and vocal search along with tailoring content depending on where the user is searching from (pc or mobile) has allowed Google to offer more flexibility while focusing on what it does best. Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times gives Google the credit they deserve while also noting that their mobile ad solution is lacking. NYTimes


Stevie Says Relax: A MacRumors reader messaged Steve Jobs directly asking about the whole tracking situation. With the Wall Street Journal testing that the device does store location even with location service turned off, one would assume Apple would be careful what they say on the matter. The response Jobs gave when the user said he wanted to switch to Droid because Google doesn’t track their exact location? “Oh yes they do. We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false.” MacRumors


AT&T Couldn’t Handle the iPhone: The FCC filing for the T-Mobile merger shed light to the fact that AT&T was not prepared for the iPhone and iPad. Citing an increase in data volumes of over 8,000 percent from 2007 to 2010, AT&T clearly underestimated the type of use that would result from this level of smartphone. Even with limiting what could be downloaded through the app store over 3G, the impact was still too great for them to handle. Goes to show why Verizon is still struggling with the iPhone. Geek


Apple Seeding A5 iPhone 4: The enhanced processor expected to be in the iPhone 5 (or 4S as many are speculating) is known as the A5 chip. That chip is currently in the iPad 2 and would make a great addition to the next line of iPhones, especially if they plan to take on gaming. The devices supposedly are running iOS 4, but provide the newer chip for choice developers to take advantage of during development. Apple has not commented on this rumor, but several developers have spoken up about receiving the device. TechCrunch


Gmail Mobile Web Offers Undo: While the push notifications my iPhone offer me for email are great, I constantly hit the wrong button and find that I’ve deleted the email. Or worse yet, it can’t find the specific email I’ve searched for. Switching to the web app for functionality is fantastic, and it just got even better as it offers an undo feature. Hopefully this will end up in the native app version, but if you find you’re constantly making the wrong move in your mobile email, consider using the mobile gmail site through your browser. Google Mobile

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