The Signal: Brides on the iPad

For Brides-to-Be: The digital version of Brides magazine is now available for download from the App Store.  The digital version comes with all kinds of interactive features for excited brides-to-be, like bridal fashion show videos, digital shopping guides, and direct links to iTunes for individual songs and “BRIDES playlists,” oh and “mood videos” (not sure what those are). In case you brides need some more product placement, the app is introduced by the cast of Bridesmaids (in theaters now).


What If?: Everyone is talking about what will happen if and when A&T acquires T-Mobile, but guess what happens if the deal is rejected by federal regulators? AT&T will owe Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, $6 billion, including $3 billion in cash. Yikes. CNET


iRumors: What will the iPhone 5 look like? A photo in a listing for a “crystal case for apple iPhone 5g,” found at an online Apple accessory store based in China shows a device inside the advertised case that looks like an iPhone 4 with a larger screen and a different location for the camera flash. Oh all of these changes! HuffPo


Checking In, Not so Hot: According to comScore’s latest MobiLens survey, looks like only 7 percent of U.S. wireless subscribers used check-in services in March. Wireless Week


Android Over iPad?: The new Galaxy Tab from Motorola might be able to give the iPad a run for its money. The Galaxy Tab is lighter and fits in the hand much easier than Motorola’s previous Honeycomb device, the Xoom, and the iPad2. Also, after the buzz at Google I/O, the Galaxy may become much more popular in the near future, which would attract more app developers. Will it outshine the iPad? No, probably not, but it may catch up to it. TechCrunch

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