The Mobile Effect on Retail

New research published by mobile ad network Millennial Media lays out the case that retailers stand to benefit greatly from rising levels of mobile use, particularly with smartphones.

Consumers have moved beyond simply looking up products to buying them. Twenty-one percent of survey respondents made a purchase using their mobile device in the past month. The range of items that consumers purchase via m-commerce is wide. Topping the list is electronics. Thirty-one percent of consumers who made purchases using the mobile phones reported purchasing an electronic device. Also mentioned frequently were clothing, accessories and food. And they have money to spend. According to the research, more mobile retail users fall into the $100,000+ bracket than into any other income bracket.

Retailers are responding to this trend by shifting advertising dollars to the channel. According to the report, mobile retail display advertising increased 112 percent, year over year. Mobile advertising in the retail vertical has increased not only in depth but in breadth. Virtually every segment of the retail universe has invested in mobile advertising.

According to the report, top mobile advertisers in 2010 included brands as high profile and as varied as Nike, Starbucks, Dillards, Ace Hardware and Burger King.
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