Facebook Does Not Equal Social Media

Did you know that Mount Everest has 3G mobile coverage? Yes, that’s right, you can update your Facebook status once you reach the top. Thank God! Anyway, here are few links.

Social marketing isn’t just about Facebook. Sort of reminds me of the first few years of mobile, when companies would launch a mobile app and call it their mobile strategy. A Facebook page is not your social strategy. (Forbes)

Your employer is expected to fulfill your basic needs. But smart employers understand they need to do more to foster creativity, drive innovation and improve productivity. Would I be as productive without the Digiday fridge stocked by our CEO? I don’t think so! (Fortune)

J. Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler puts an emphasis on hospitality. He’s focused on making the workplace somewhere employees want to be. He tries to visit every store and meet all new hires to make them feel like they are important, even if their job is something small.  (ABC News)

Want a better, more hard working staff? Let them work from home. A study finds that people who work from home do more than those that come into the office every day. (HBR)

Is Google a big loser after the Apple patent victory? Apparently, not quite. Analysts aren’t the least bit worried, claiming that Google’s brand is strong enough to live through it. (WSJ)

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