The Digiday Questionnaire: SMAC’s Nichole Goodyear

The famous Proust Questionnaire comes from a popular 19th-century parlor game in which guests were asked to answer a series of questions to reveal the respondent’s true nature. Digiday is updating the Proust Questionnaire for the digital media industry. If you or someone you know would like to answer the Digiday Questionnaire, contact me at the email address below.

Our latest subject is Nichole Goodyear, executive director at

The Digiday Questionnaire: Nichole Goodyear, Executive Director,

1. What about working in the digital media industry makes you happy?
The space if very exciting and fast paced. The level of innovation and change that has been happening—and continues to happen—in digital media is staggering.

2. What about working in the digital media industry makes you miserable?
The allocation of marketing dollars to digital media compared to other marketing efforts is low compared to the time that consumers spend. Also, digital media is held to standards of measurement and ROI that are much higher than offline and traditional media efforts.

3. What is the worst fault you see in your area of the industry?
We continue to use old methods to measure ROI that don’t apply to all digital media efforts and certainly not social media efforts.

4. What positive changes do you hope to see in the industry?
At SMAC, we hope to see research on how to measure and value ROI for social media efforts released into the industry. We also hope to see a greater allocation of marketing dollars towards social media.

5. What is the quality you most admire in a digital media CEO?
I admire a CEO with the ability to innovate and the willingness to take risks with emerging technology.

6. What tech company do you wish you started?
Instagram, based on the valuation and exit timeline.

7. Silicon Valley or Madison Ave.?
That is a tough one as we need both the left brain and right brain working together. While there are new emerging tech companies in NYC overall, I vote we need them in both because the U.S. economy depends on innovation from engineers — so the more the merrier, versus outsourcing it all overseas.

8. Track or Do Not Track?
Track everything!

9. App or mobile site?
Definitely mobile sites because they reduce friction in consumer experiences.

10. If you could only use one of these for these rest of your life: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Spotify, which one?

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