Tablets Gain Ground

Once consumers acquire a tablet, the amount of time they spend with their computers, with their e-readers and, even with their televisions drops, according to research conducted by Millennial Media.

According to the research, the tablet is gaining ground as a go to device in virtually every category. In the second quarter of 2011, consumers used tablets where they had previously used other technologies in surprising numbers. Since they acquired tablets, 27percent of consumers reduced the time they browsed on the internet on their computer; 29 percent checked their email less frequently on their computer, 27 percent watched fewer videos on their computer and 23 percent used their eReader less frequently. Perhaps most surprisingly, 19 percent watched fewer shows or movies on their TV.

The research also revealed that even as the Android operating system continues to gain ground, iOS ad impressions grew 18 percent, quarter-over-quarter while Android impressions grew only 11 percent during the same period. And app developers continue to be drawn to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: Apple devices represented 49 percent of application platform mix.
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