Survey: Growing Majority of Marketers Use Mobile

DIGIDAY, working with Jumptap, a leading targeted mobile advertising network, today release a deep dive into the current state of mobile and apps-based marketing at DIGIDAY:MOBILE.

Targeting digital media and marketing professionals who had either attended or planned to attend a DIGIDAY:MOBILE show, or who subscribe to a DIGIDAY publication, this Q1, 2011 survey drew upon insights from 345 respondents, roughly divided by thirds into publishers, marketers – either from an advertiser or agency – and mobile technology companies.

Among our findings:

For advertisers and agencies, tenure, adoption and mobile media spending all are on the rise this year as mobile becomes a staple of digital marketing campaigns.

  • A large majority of marketers have experience with mobile marketing. Nearly 85 percent of marketers surveyed engaged in mobile marketing or advertising, and nearly a quarter of respondents are veterans who have been exploiting mobile media for longer than five years
  • There’s a strong pipeline of newcomers.Nearly a quarter of respondents said they’d either just started exploiting mobile media or been at it less than a year.For those with near-term mobile marketing plans, 60 percent intend to draw their mobile budget from their current online budget.  An additional 20 percent said that mobile will be an entirely new line item.
  • Mobile becomes a staple of cross-media campaigns. More than a quarter of marketers (27.5 percent) said they’d include mobile in at least half their campaigns this year.
  • Mobile’s share of the marketing pie is rising.29% of marketers said mobile will represent 10%-20% of their digital advertising spend in 2011. And, nearly the same number of respondents said that they expect their mobile ad spending to increase between 10 percent and 20 percent.
  • Android focused:while Apple was hot in mobile last year, 64 percent of respondents noted that Android was a significant consideration in developing and planning their mobile campaign.
  • Direct response vs. branding:Advertisers were evenly split between direct response and branding campaigns with 51 percent citing awareness/loyalty and 49 percent citing customer acquisition and retention

Among mobile publishers:

  • They’re in it to win it.Publishersare committed to making a go of the medium with 73 percent offering it as a separate buy.
  • They prefer CPM pricing, while advertisers prefer CPC or Hybrid models.
  • Advertising matures as a revenue model. Even from a market pool that is increasingly populated with apps publishers, nearly half of mobile publishers’ efforts are ad supported, and nearly 1/3 have seen increases in ad revenue by between 10 percent and 30 percent compared with last year.
  • iPhone leads in revenue generation. For Publishers, iPhone is the most successful revenue generator. For technologists, it’s Android.
  • Entertainment leads the way:Entertainment is the category that publishers expect to generate the most mobile ad revenue in 2011, followed by technology and automotive.

For advertisers and publisherss:

  • Targeting trumps price and reach:Targeting is the most important attribute for mobile advertisers, agencies and publishers when selecting a mobile advertising partner: approximately 75 percent of mobile advertisers selected targeting as their top priority. Respondent preferences were split between price and reach:  64 percent price and 63 percent reach respectively.
  • Ad networks/exchange usage remains high: 62 percent of publishers participate in a mobile ad network or exchange.  Advertisers chose Jumptap third, behind Google and ahead of Apple.

“These findings truly validate our beliefs about the market growth for mobile advertising.  However, the real insight here is the need for education and better tools and technology to capture the market potential,” said Paran Johar, Jumptap CMO. “This is a call to action for the industry to make the process smart and simple.”

The presentation slides are here; full findings are available to those who took the survey. Following is the video of yesterday’s presentation in Los Angeles.

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