Stat Spotlight: Real-Time Bidding

The advent of ad exchanges and real-time bidding is one of the biggest innovations to hit digital advertising. Google is betting big on the field with the DoubleClick Ad Exchange and its purchase of leading demand-side platform Invite Media. Investors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into companies in the space.

Real-time bidding remains barely a blip in the online ad world, although a fast growing one. Figures from Forrester Research, in an estimate commissioned by AdMeld, present a mixed picture.

On the one hand, just 4 percent of online advertising was bought in real time via exchanges in 2010. On the other, this spending is due to increase by 133 percent in 2011.  Forrester analyst Michael Greene notes it’s “not an explosive amount by any means,” but the shift will only continue. “I don’t think you can stick your head in the sand,” he said.

Google collaborated with DIGIDAY on State of the Industry on Real-Time Display Advertising survey featuring input from more than 300 digital marketing and media pros over the past month. We’ll release findings Wednesday in Los Angeles at DIGIDAY:ONMEDIA. Watch the DAILY for information on how you can download the full report.

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