Short Takes: Why Kevin Rose Loves Facebook


Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and Internet celebrity, decided to put his personal media network to the test. Rose, who attracts legions of fanboy followers across social networks, wanted to see which is the most potent traffic driver. So he posted a link to  Burning Man photos on the three major social networks. The result: Facebook is by far tops. On Twitter, Rose drew a paltry .4 percent click rate for 1.2 million followers. Google+ did better, 2 percent, with 128,000 followers. Facebok, however, trumped them all with 3.5 percent click rate out of 235,000 subscribers. No wonder Facebook wants to get into the content business. Rose’s take: It makes sense, people check Facebook multiple times a day. This give my post a greater likelihood of being seen. Rose naturally posted the results via Facebook update. The findings are particularly interesting considering Facebook is making moves to play a larger role in distributing content.
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