Short Takes: Digital Ad Sellers Aren’t Feeling Bullish

Publicly the big ad sellers have been bullish that the Web will continue to grow in the fourth quarter, albeit maybe a bit more slowly than hoped. But the perennially optimistic feet on the street aren’t as optimistic.

Ad sales Q&A site SellerCrowd polled its over 1,000 digital ad sales pros on how they’re feeling about the key fourth quarter, always the biggest for spending. The results weren’t pretty: 70 percent see flat or lower sales, while 30 percent expect to see some growth. Of the bears, 40 percent see sales coming in the same as last year’s fourth quarter and 30 percent expect a decline. The poll drew about 100 respondents.

The poll is hardly scientific, but it is an indication of wariness that the Web won’t be immune to a stagnant economy.