Short Take: Sociable Labs Pitches Social Data

Start-up Sociable Labs is hoping that brands will use its tool suite to make their websites into social commerce engines.The company’s tool suite integrates social features to brand websites, allowing consumers to share their purchase histories with others on their social graph.

“I created Sociable Labs because I saw an opportunity to really use the social graph in a broader way,” said Nissan Gabbay, founder and CEO. “The internet in general is going to become personalized according to your social graph. We want to  create the future of social commerce and allow the search experience to be more relevant for users.”
Focusing on “likes” on the Facebook fanpage is a mistake according to Gabbay, as the goal is to get consumers engaged and on the brand’s website he believes. When brands focus on driving clicks in social media, they are missing an opportunity to gain valuable consumer data by allowing connectivity to Facebook from their ecommerce sites, he asserts. Adding a social layer that filters search results through recommendations and purchase histories derived from a consumer’s social graph makes more sense then focusing on the numbers of fans on Facebook, Gabbay believes.
According to the company, 40 percent of the customers that are on client websites are also using Facebook at the same time, and traffic generated from friend’s recommendations online perform up to 300 percent better than banner ad traffic in terms of CTR. Brands are missing opportunities to integrate search and social and bring relevant social data about products and preferences to consumers that are already on their websites, using Facebook data. “We want to go beyond targeting, to use consumers’ own data to direct them via a tailored natural search to the results that are most interesting to them, based on their social graph.”
Sociable Lab brand clients include Rue La La, Backcountry, HauteLook and Chegg.

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