Sad Old Media Machine

The Epiphantor: Here is another piece lamenting the rise of new media and the slow death of old media. Paul Ford sees old media as the Epiphanator: it is the trusty old machine that values and dependably produces linear stories with real conclusions. Ford is not too keen on social media, like other print media heavyweights who have also expressed their distaste for social media and technology, and what it has done to our society. (See NYT’s Bill Keller’s “Twitter Trap” and Jonathan Franzen’s “Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts”).  Ford doesn’t think the death of the Epiphanator is necessarily inevitable though; he still has some hope for traditional media and what it stands for. NY Mag

Twitter Account of the Day: Naturally there is a fake Wendi Murdoch Twitter account post shaving cream pie incident. Check it out: @WendiMurdoch.

Made in China: Look at this Apple Store in Kunming, China. Just one thing: it’s fake, a near perfect fake. According to the American visitor who stumbled upon this poser Apple Store, even the employees think they are actually working for Apple. Let’s just see how long Jobs lets this store stay open. BirdAbroad

Theme Blog of the Day: Put the camera down and run! Running From Camera

Video of the Day: Probably what Rebecca Black actually sounds like.

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