Publishers weigh generative AI’s pros and cons during the Digiday Publishing Summit

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The third-party cookie may have gotten a lot of attention on stage during the September 2023 edition of the Digiday Publishing Summit. But AI was a major focal point throughout the event.

For the most part — based on interviews with publishers who spoke at DPS featured in the video below — their focus for the moment seems to be on how AI can make people’s jobs easier, as opposed to take people’s jobs away. Additionally, publishers seem to be exerting a healthy amount of caution — and concern — when it comes to how much of their businesses they want to expose to AI. Specifically, they are largely drawing a line when it comes to content creation.

“When we think about AI… it’s more about the internal work it can help us eliminate rather than outsourcing the meat of our jobs,” said Charlotte Owen, editor-in-chief of BDG-owned Bustle and Elite Daily.

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