Ogilvy’s Brandon Berger’s Must-Follows

Each week Digiday asks industry leaders to explain how they use the social network and then highlight some of the most interesting people they follow on Twitter. This week Ogilvy’s chief digital officer, Brandon Berger gives us his must-follows. Follow Brandon on Twitter: @brandonberger.

I get my news from two sources: Pulse and Twitter, and I use them intermittently. I try to share what I am reading all the time, and most of the time it goes way beyond the digital headlines that are typically distributed across our news feeds. I also use Twitter to keep up with information from other markets. I follow people in Indonesia, Brazil, London, China, basically all over. And then sometimes I just want to see what my friends are doing, and keep up with them. I also use Twitter to learn about people and companies; if a resume crosses my desk (as well as a company), one of the first things I do is check them out on Twitter. You can learn a lot about someone from their Twitter profile, who they follow and what they talk about. Selecting a collection of people to follow who aren’t clients, co-workers or family basically cuts my list into a tiny fraction.

Darren Herman, KBS+P: @dherman76
Darren Herman and I have worked together for years and hopefully will again soon.  Darren is one of the smartest guys in ad tech and always has a great perspective on digital.
Mike Duda, Consigliere: @mikeduda
Mike Duda has quickly inserted himself into the technology industry and hasn’t lost his humor about it. He has a great perspective of how brands and technology can connect.
Jason Hirschorn, Media Redefined: @mediaredef
This is a must-read; it covers all aspects of media, digital and technology in the U.S.
Jason Zada, director: @jasonzada
Jason is a creative genius. Take this Lollipop. Enough said. His tweets are also very funny.
Chris Fralic, venture capitalist, First Round: @chrisFRC
Chris is into all of the most interesting digital media companies, and just when I find something that I think is unique and exciting he has already been there.
Ben Lerer, Thrillist: @benjlerer
Because he mentioned me, and if you give him a few drinks and encourage him to tweet, it’s worth it

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