Having an office at all is a novelty for Julie Alvin. She spent four years at the online women’s publication, Bustle, when employees worked side by side in a Brooklyn apartment. Since she decamped for Time Inc. (now part of Meredith) and into her own office, she’s moved quickly to put her imprint on it. Alvin is known for her liberal, feminist positions — she’s often invited on Fox News to argue with their talking heads — so her office has tokens of female empowerment throughout: a Ruth Bader Ginsburg pendant, Hillary Clinton pins, a hat from the women’s-only membership club The Wing that reads, “Girls doing whatever the fuck they want in 2017.” Her bookshelf boasts Carrie Brownstein, Roxane Gay and Emma Gray.

“I bought this bird at Target and just took it from my apartment to help brighten up the office. I should name him.”

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