News of the week, in under a minute: Snapchat homework, adblockalypse and viewability on Facebook

We’ve recapped the best of Digiday reporting from this week in just under a minute.

Is it a race to the bottom when it comes to viewability? Facebook said that ads can be 100 percent viewed, even in a split second. The ad just has to pass through the screen. Two-thirds of Wired’s revenue is digital, and it’s mainly coming from sponsored content. The publisher uses editorial freelancers to write its branded posts. However, the writers have to wait three months before they can move over to the editorial side. Has the adblockalypse begun? Apple released its iOS 9 update this week. It’s the first time people will be allowed to block ads. So it’s no surprise that three of the top five paid apps in the App Store are now, ad blockers. Snapchat is now required summer homework. More agencies like Huge, BBDO, and Havas are setting up in-house Snapchat programs for its employees. That will now include learning how to use new lenses that Snapchat released this week along with a replay option — three for only 99 cents. Snap away!

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