LivePerson, Virgin Media, Papercup and Seismic are 2023 Digiday Technology Awards winners

The full roster of 2023 Digiday Technology Awards winners highlighted how companies are adopting new technologies in pursuit of highly effective personalization balanced with data privacy. 

Among the prevalent themes this year were micro-personalization with AI, e-commerce technology as well as privacy compliance and partnerships.

Putting artificial intelligence at the forefront was LivePerson, winner of Best E-Commerce Technology. The company helps brands leverage AI as part of their first point of contact with customers. As part of LivePerson’s long-time partnership with Virgin Media, the collaboration met customers where they are through digital conversations supported by AI and automation to achieve scale. After implementing LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, powering asynchronous digital conversations, Virgin Media saw sales increase via this channel by 20% and cost-per-acquisition decrease by 29% while maintaining a high customer satisfaction score of 86%.  

In the new Best AI Tool category, Papercup claimed the winner’s spot for its AI dubbing platform. Papercup works with media companies that distribute video content on social and streaming platforms, including Fremantle, a global leader in creating, producing and distributing films, documentaries and other entertainment content. Using advanced machine learning and professional translators for quality assurance, Papercup enabled Fremantle to rapidly, affordably and accurately dub videos for distribution on YouTube into Spanish and Arabic using lifelike AI voices. Fremantle has populated entirely new channels with AI-dubbed content, unlocking new revenue streams without adding extensive production timelines.

Seismic earned a win for Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform following the launch of the Seismic Enablement Cloud. Leveraging AI, personalization and automation, the platform combines industry-leading products and capabilities, including sales content management, buyer engagement, enablement intelligence and more than 150 seamless integrations that unify the go-to-market tech stack and revolutionize the B2B sales process. Seismic’s customers using Enablement Cloud have seen a 350% increase in content usage, 32% more leads in the pipeline and an 80% decrease in ramp time.

Explore all the 2023 Digiday Technology Awards winners below — including a quick rundown of the campaigns and insights into why they won and what marketing teams can learn from them. Download the complete guide here.

Full 2023 Digiday Technology Awards winners list below:

Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • Hilton & Rakuten Advertising

Best AI Tool 

  • Papercup

Best Attribution Tool

  • Measured Incrementality Platform

Best Buy-Side Programmatic Platform

  • AdTheorent

Best Content Management System

  • eMagazines

Best Content Marketing Platform 

  • Nativo

Best Cookieless Identification Technology

  • SORT® by Perion

Best CRM Platform

  • Act!

Best Customer Data Platform

  • Decile 

Best Data Lead

  • Will Sach, Director of Data Strategy at News UK

Best Data Management Platform

  • Permutive

Best Data Team

  • New York Times Advertising

Best E-Commerce Technology

  • LivePerson & Virgin Media

Best Esports/ Gaming Ad Technology

  • TrafficGuard

Best Event Platform

  • Kaltura Events

Best In-Store Technology

  • Cooler Screens
  • The CR Recommended Mark

Best Influencer Marketing Platform

  • Brandwatch

Best Location Data Platform

  • Reveal Mobile

Best Marketing Analytics Platform

  • Ovative Group
  • Pecan

Best Marketing Automation Platform

  • Flight Control

Best Measurement Solution


Best Mobile Marketing Platform

  • Gamelight

Best Monetization Platform for Publishers

  • Playwire

Best Native Advertising Platform

  • AdAdapted

Best Partner Clean Room

  • Disney

Best Personalization & A/B Testing Platform

  • Flight Control
  • MoEngage

Best Podcast Platform 

  • Gumball

Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform

  • Seismic 

Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform

  • Permutive

Best Social Marketing Platform

  • Evocalize

Best Subscription Platform

  • Reveal Mobile

Best Sustainable Ad Tech Platform

  • Good-Loop

Best Video Ad Server

  • Publica

Best Video Management Platform

  • Bambuser

Founder of the Year

  • Sabio Holdings, Aziz R.

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