LinkedIn adds autoplay video to the dismay of its users

In addition to dodging requests from exes and a cleaning out a clogged inbox, LinkedIn users are battling another annoyance: Autoplay video. The feature crept onto the platform months ago, but a flurry of complaints on Twitter show that its users are anything but thrilled about the addition:

Autoplay video is seemingly everywhere on the internet, especially on platforms like Facebook and usually without sound, despite the resistance from users who can’t stand it. But it remains an easy way to get people’s attention and cash in on lucrative video ads.

LinkedIn isn’t backing away from autoplay video, as a rep telling us that autoplay video “continues to be a very popular feature, as it has helped our members engage in content with less actions.”

Still, some users are taking matters into their own hands: LinkedIn users are sharing an YouTube video that demonstrates how to disable the ads. It has racked up 3,000 (non-autoplay) views:
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