Introducing Digitalmediabrags Twitter

If you work in the digital media industry, you know that being a wallflower will get you nowhere. You have to put yourself out there on the social Web in one way or another and make a voice for yourself.

But of course, there are those who sometimes take things too far, who just can’t help but overshare and flaunt what they are up to. Whether they are tweeting about how much of a digital media rockstar they are, or sharing a Twitpic of the view of the ocean from their luxurious hotels, or sharing their rising Klout scores, these are the digital media industry braggarts. Digiday has created a special Twitter account just for them: Digitalmediabrags (@dmbrags).

Follow @dmbrags to laugh at some of your peers boasting about themselves and life in the digital media world. Keep an eye out for brags that we can retweet. Just send a link for the tweet-brags you find to the email below or via Twitter Direct Message.
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