Introducing Digiday Jobs Board

Digiday wants to help you post and find jobs with our new jobs community Digiday Jobs. Our new jobs board will connect your company with the top candidates in digital media and marketing.

Special features of our jobs community include listing in a weekly Digiday Jobs email and “top job” listings for top spots on the job board and postings on the Digiday site.

To get the Digiday Jobs community started we are offering a limited-time opportunity to post jobs free for one month. Between now and Friday June 22, you can post your new and open positions on Digiday Jobs at no charge. This introductory offer will get you started on this valuable new resource from Digiday. After June 22nd all job postings will be offered at the program rates listed below.

Post-June 22 Pricing:

Digiday Single Job Post — $259.00

* 30-day job posting

* Listing in Digiday Jobs section

* Listing in our weekly Digiday Jobs email to 75,000 subscribers each Friday (4x)

Digiday Top Job Post — $499.00 

* 30-day job posting

* Top listing in Digiday Jobs section for a day

* Top Section listing in Digiday Jobs email to 75,000 subscribers each Friday (4x)

* Top listing in Digiday Daily Jobs Section for a day

* Top listing in Digiday Jobs Boxes on Digiday for a day

* Renews weekly

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