Infographic: Social Shoppers Are Important

Retailers and brands, pay attention to social media users during the holiday shopping season. According to findings from social media and marketing agency Mr Youth, social media users are more influential, spend more money on presents and are more likely to recommend buying certain gifts than non-social-media-users.

According to Mr. Youth’s findings, 66 percent of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers made a purchase because of social media interactions (either with brands or friends and family). Also 65 percent of users’ shopping recommendations led to a purchase, with recommendations of social media users twice as likely to lead to a gift purchase.

The most interesting finding suggests that brands are dropping the ball when it comes to their social media skills: while 80 percent of users who interact with a brand online and receive a response to their post will make a purchase as a result of this online brand interaction, brands are only responding to half of their page posts. Tisk, tisk. Brands and retailers better start paying attention to their customers on social media if they want to attract holiday shopping dollars, and shopping dollars in general.

Check out this infographic from Mr. Youth to see the details.
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