Infographic: Millennials Still Love TV

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Despite then popular conceptions that young generations hate TV, millenials can’t see themselves living without it, according to a Ypulse survey. College students, however, are more likely than high school students to watch TV online. Sixty-two percent of male high school students and 70 percent of female high school students responded that the TV set is their TV-watching platform of choice, versus 44 percent of college males and 47 percent of college females who said the TV set was how they watch TV the most. Only a small percent of millennials responded that they never watch TV online (10 percent high school males, 13 percent high school females, 8 percent college males, 6 percent college females). While the TV set is still the default platform of choice, it seems that millennials are becoming more and more accustomed to cutting the cord.
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