Survey: How Will Digital Media Evolve?

“2012 State of Digital Integration: Devices and Content” is a new study by Deloitte and The Harrison Group focused on mobile technology (tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc.) and digital-content consumption that takes a 360-degree look at the marketplace to answer these questions for your business: What do consumers want? What technologies are they currently engaging, and how? How are consumer trend-leaders behaving? What are they demanding in terms of information and service delivery on digital platforms? How are tablets and mobile platforms being adopted in the workplace? Where do your customers and clients stand in terms of digital engagement, distribution and business models? How will this affect demands on their agencies, publishers, manufacturers and digital-service providers? The research integrates two extensive surveys (consumer and business), providing an extensive look at the what, how and why behind consumers’ and business’ current behaviors and future intentions regarding digital consumption of media and advertising, device adoption and integration, and more. Click here to participate in this new research initiative.

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