Have a Seat on the Virtual Sofa

Virtual Therapy: In our Internet Age, we are all accustomed to going online to access all kinds of services, from ordering food to booking flights to video chatting. Now you can video chat with your therapist. Psychology is the latest industry to jump onboard the Internet train. Many psychologists are exploring the idea of virtual therapy as a way to treat patients who for mental or physical reasons would not be able to visit a therapist’s office. Online therapy is also a good way for people who are embarrassed by the stigma of psychological help to still seek treatment while keeping it private. Some companies already exist, like Cope Today and HealthLinkNow, that offer online therapy or help match online therapists to patients. The one big problem is that while the field of psychology may be ready to be a part of the online revolution, insurance companies are not as quick to jump. Without insurance coverage for online therapy, people will obviously be much less inclined to seek online treatment. NYT

Sexting in the Future: Here is documentation of “Technology-Enabled Congressional Sex Scandals of the Future.” McSweeney’s

Etsy Shop of the Day: For all of you Casey Anthony trial fanatics who want to keep the courtroom drama alive, just stop by this Etsy shop and buy a “Casey Anthony Trial Diorama Case Courtroom Dolls OOAK Judge Lawyer Mini Courthouse” for just $450! Jezebel

Comic of the Day: I mean, he is the number one user on Google+. Geek Culture

Video of the Day: I don’t even know.


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