Google Re-Imagines Buying and Selling Ads Online

In an effort extend its dominance in search advertising to other areas such as display, mobile and video, Google has consolidated its various ad products and technologies.

The new platform, dubbed DoubleClick Digital Marketing, promises to knit together the various ad technologies Google has built or acquired in recent years, such as Invite Media, AdMeld, Teracent and DoubleClick’s ad serving technology itself, into a single, centralized platform for the buying and management of online advertising.

“DoubleClick Digital Marketing will weave together the technologies that buyers currently use to plan, manage, schedule, deliver and measure their online buys in a way we think will not only help them work smarter and faster, but ultimately be more responsive to their customers and deliver better ads,” the company’s vp of display advertising, Neal Mohan, wrote in a blog post.

Google’s new centralized platform will see some of its components refreshed and rebranded, too. Its DoubleClick ad-serving product will be renamed DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager, while Invite Media — the demand-side platform it bought in 2010 – has been reengineered as the DoubleClick Bid Manager.

For Google’s advertiser and agency clients, the changes won’t happen overnight, but the company is currently in the process of rolling them out, Mohan said, adding that further updates would be coming to its publisher-side partners soon.

“Over the last decade, a remarkably successful industry has been built via humble Web banners, repurposed pre-roll video ads, desktop computers and a patchwork of ad buying tools,” Mohan said. “However, for marketers, the combination of re-imagined creative tools, reinvented measurement and re-vamped ad buying platforms can propel digital advertising into a $200 billion industry that funds and supports great content.”

Google explained the changes broadly in a post on its DoubleClick blog today.

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