Facebook Flooded with X-Rated Spam

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Facebook Spam Attack: No, it’s not that everyone on Facebook has become morally corrupt; it’s that Facebook has been attacked! Facebook confirmed that it was the victim of a coordinated spam attack that caused the spam flood of images of everything from hardcore porn and bestiality to Justin Bieber. The illicit images have been clogging people’s news feeds for the past few days, but Facebook says it has gotten the spam attack under control. The next step is nabbing the hackers behind the deluge of dirty images. The blogosphere has been positing theories of who is behind the Facebook attack, suggesting the likes of Anonymous and 4chan’s /b as prime suspects. Facebook claims it has identified the culprits and will exact punishment, which will likely be an ungodly amount of money. Facebook has gone after spammers before and won hefty sums in damages (like self-proclaimed “Spam King” Sanford Wallace who ended up owing Facebook $711 million). Whoever attacked Facebook better be ready to for over big bucks for their little porn prank. The Atlantic Wire

App of the Day: Go back in time on Facebook with PastPosts. This new app connects to your Facebook accounts and generates “a personalized blast from the past.” As the app’s website explains, “Each morning you’ll get an email letting you know what happened this day last year” according to your Facebook account. Perfect, just what everyone needs, more Facebook in their lives and more clutter in their inboxes with emails containing such urgent information as “Hey, last year today you posted this picture of yourself doing a keg stand when you attended ‘Katie’s Birthday Bash!!!!!.’”

Video of the Day: It looks like Siri is really good at defusing tense marital situations. College Humor

Get Your Twitter Zen from Yoko: You know that Yoko Ono is a well of Twitter wisdom. She is constantly tweeting gems like this: ”Whisper your dream to a cloud. Ask the cloud to remember it.” Here is a compilation of some her of her most inspirational, thought-provoking tweets. Follow her yourself @yokoono to get some daily zen in your life. The Daily Dot

Tumblr of the Day: Here is the Tumblr of the guy who started Tumblr, David Karp. David’s Log


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