Digital Moves the Goal Posts on Scale

Enjoying the Olympics so far? I am. But more so on Twitter than on TV. If you haven’t checked out the official Twitter feeds for some of the Olympic cameras yet, you should. The table tennis tablecam is my favorite. Here are today’s must-reads:

  • It used to be that a startup focused on getting 1 million users. That would get it the attention of investors beyond seed rounds. Well, thanks to the oversupply of ad impressions out there. the threshold number is now 10 million, according to investor Chris Dixon. (Chris Dixon)
  • It’s no secret that agencies are struggling to retain talent, and that agency staff feel little in the way of loyalty to their employers, but according to the 4A’s things might be far worse than most in the industry think (AdAge)
  • Many marketers pay 24-year-olds to drive their social media accounts, or just get their interns to do it, but Universal Pictures’ marketing department took a completely different approach to promote its “Ted” movie on Twitter. “Who better to embody the random musings of a foul-mouthed stuffed animal than the writers of the script?” (Wall Street Journal)
  • Facebook’s mobile-only audience is growing fast, which presents a growing problem for the social network which still hasn’t figured out a good way to monetize those users. (TechCrunch)

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