Digital Media Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means: costume parties. If you don’t already have a costume ready, don’t worry, your’re not totally screwed. Here are some industry-related costume ideas that you can throw together in no time.

Creative director at Cannes
What you will need:
-a douchey hat (ie: a fedora)
-a sunburn (go to your local tanning salon and use the zero SPF tanning oil; you will probably need a few sessions)
-half empty bottle of rosé

25-year-old media planner
What you will need:
-designer jeans and sunglasses (if anyone asks where you got them, they were gifts)
-flashy sneakers
-paper bag filled with money

Cindy Gallop
What you will need:
-leather or latex pants and corset, or buy a Cat Woman costume and ditch the mask
-dark blond bob wig

PR person
What you will need:
-dress pretty much however you like, but go up to everyone at the party and tell them you are just following up on that email you sent; or tell them you have some REALLY EXCITING news you think they’d be interested in hearing about

Rei Inamoto
What you will need:
-hair wax or pommade to purposefully mess up your hair, just so
-t-shirt with a star on it
-go to parties prepared with profound one liners and sayings (just jot some ideas down from Rei’s tweets)

Ad Network
What you will need:
-dress in all black, maybe even a ski mask
-sneak into the party through back door, take all of the leftover drinks, rebottle and resell them
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