Rise of the Curation Class

Curation is on the rise, according to a recent Pew study. But not only is curation a growing trend, thanks to sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, but so is original content. Of course, content is loosely defined. Pew found that 46 percent of adult Internet users post the photos and videos they themselves have created. It also found that 41 percent of adult Internet users curate the content they find.

Some other interesting stats about these social platforms: 12 percent use Pinterest; 12 percent use Instagram; 5 percent use Tumblr; 16 percent use Twitter; 20 percent use LinkedIn; 60 percent use Facebook.

These platforms are breeding grounds for both content creators and curators: 56 percent do at least one; 32 percent do both.

Another interesting tidbit: the creators are in the younger, 18-29 subset, and many of them live on the social platforms. LinkedIn, not surprisingly, skews older.

Based off of this study, marketers may want to start creating content that is not only easily shared via each platforms sharing mechanism, but content that speaks to the growth of curation: better creative with photos and videos that people can reblog, repost, repin and retweet.


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