Comment on FT’s website goes viral after Brexit vote

The British people plunged the world into a sea of uncertainty after it voted to leave the European Union in a startling result that has global implications. Social media is feeling the anxiety.

One comment from the Financial Times’ website is going viral, perfectly encompassing the unease among young people, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the E.U. compared to old people. The comment is from a person named “Nicholas” and is being shared on Twitter:

There are few variations of the comment being used in different tweets (this one has 22,000 retweeets  and another has 14,000 retweets) but they all have generated thousands of retweets and likes.

Vox explained that perhaps one of the reasons why it’s being shared thousands of times is because “it shows the impact of leaving on those who believed that Britain was better off as a part of Europe, and the way in which the country’s young voters, who overwhelmingly supported remaining, feel they will pay for the decisions of their elders.”
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