BuzzFeed’s Facebook Time Machine

BuzzFeed is helping you go back in time, on your Facebook Timeline that is.

BuzzFeed created a new Facebook app that lets users wax nostalgic by posting things from the past to their Facebook Timeline, in the past. BuzzFeed will publish nostalgic articles with interactive items that people can post to their Timelines.

The first of these nostalgic app posts is “What Was Your First Computer? As you can see, at the bottom of each old computer model, there is a drop-box that lets you select the year you owned the given prehistoric computer model and a button that lets you add this to your Facebook Timeline.

According to BuzzFeed, future posts for the app will include pop-culture blasts from the past from the ’80s and ’90s that most people can relate to and would want to share.

It’s a fun way to add nostalgic cultural references to your Timeline, but what if brands get on board? This could be a way that brands will try to insert themselves into people’s Timelines. But for now, check it out on BuzzFeed.

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