AXE and Mindshare Compete for Contextual Ad Honors

Unilever AXE and Mindshare are using the power of contextual advertising to drive results. Click here to cast your vote for the winners of the 4th Annual Vibrant Awards, which recognize the best in contextual advertising.  

AXE Leverages Contextual Video to Entertain Millions of Men Online


Client/Agency: Unilever AXE/Mindshare


Campaign: AXE Deodorant Body Spray: Context Everywhere


Campaign objective: Increase awareness and promote the AXE Deodorant Spray unleashing its branded entertainment videos through four different contextual media products: Vibrant Toolbar, Vibrant Image, Vibrant In-Text and Vibrant Display.


Contextual Strategy: Unilever partnered with Vibrant to launch a “Context Everywhere” program to distribute AXE video content across Vibrant’s full suite of contextual products to ensure maximum reach and engagement. The video campaign was precisely targeted within the entertainment, sports and male personal care web content.

Creative Execution: In line with AXE’s branded entertainment and social media strategy, a playful 15-second video was delivered and drove users to the branded Facebook page where they could watch more entertaining AXE videos and “like” AXE.

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