AppOlogy: An annotated list of a few intriguing, recently released apps

You are what you eat: Using Fooducate consumers can scan a food product barcode
and see product highlights, compare products, and get suggestions for better alternatives.
The app uses iPhone’s camera to identify more than 200,000 unique products in the grocery store and provide complete nutritional information including whether the product contains excessive sugar, trans fats, additives and preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and controversial food colorings. Available for free from the iTunes store.

That’s the ticket: TKTS, a division of the Theater Development Fund, offers same-day tickets to Broadway and Off Broadway shows at discounts of up to 50% off full price at three booths in New York city. The Official TKTS app gives users access to real-time listings of all Broadway and Off Broadway shows available at those booths. Users can also learn about every production listed at TKTS, including show descriptions, performance schedules, theatre locations, accessibility information and links to official show websites.
The app also gives users mobile access to TDF Stages, TDF’s online theatre magazine featuring articles, videos and podcasts. The Official TKTS app is offered exclusively by TDF and is available for free at the TDF website,

Take a letter: Philips has developed a recording application for iPhones and iPads that allows iDevice users to turn their smartphones or tablet computers into wireless digital dictation recorders. The new app integrates with the company’s SpeechExec Enterprise suite. Users are able to dictate and upload files to a server over 3G or Wi-Fi, which then distributes the recorded files to registered transcriptionists via e-mail or to a network folder.  The app also offers express recorder mode so users can simply shake their iPhone or iPad to start and stop recording; automatic file encryption for maximum security; and priority settings to indicate urgent recordings that need to be processed first.

Happy talk: TalkBox enables users to speak a message and get it delivered instantly. A voice altenative to texting, this app provides instant push-to-talk messaging, talking among multiple friends. and location sharing. Users can also connect to Facebook and sync their TalkBox friends lists with their Facebook friends lists. A push notification lets users know when incoming messages arrive. Available for free from the iTunes store.

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