Apocalypse now?: NYSE, WSJ outages spook Twitter

Well, we had a good run.

This morning, the New York Stock Exchange halted trading because of a “technical issue” that knocked the markets offline. To make matters even more frightening, the Wall Street Journal’s homepage became inaccessible moments after, adding to an already-hectic morning that all started with United Airlines temporarily halting flights because of a “network connectivity” issues.

All of this happened before noon Eastern Time, not to mention Greece’s own economic meltdown and the fact that China’s stock market is in free fall. Pandemonium spread rapidly on Twitter — along with not a few jokes about these being the End of Times.

Although brands haven’t yet activated their real-time units to chime in on the conversation, everyone else on Twitter is wringing out their final few jokes before the universe collapses.

With additional reporting by Rachel Raudenbush

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