Android Still Trails in Apps

Although Android devices continue to devour market share, the consumers purchasing those handsets are, apparently, not excited about the apps available for Android, according to MobileMix: The Mobile Device Index, a report on April’s device, manufacturer and OS statistics, prepared by Millennial Media. Fifty-three percent of smartphones now run Android, but Android device owners purchase only 39 percent of mobile apps; sales of apps for iOS account for 50 percent of the market.

Consumers continue to embrace smartphones with both arms. Sales of smartphones increased 6 percent, month-over-month. And, for the first time, all 20 best-selling mobile phones fall into that category. Of those 20 devices, 16 run the Android operating system and three run BlackBerry OS. The iPhone, which alone accounted for more than 20 percent of mobile phones sales in April, is the only device that runs the proprietary iOS. When all connected Apple devices — iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch — were included, Apple was the leading device manufacturer in April, accounting for more than 32 percent of device sales.

The number of people accessing the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection increased 7 percent month-over-month, due largely to the increase in the use of tablet devices. In fact 29 percent of mobile device connectivity was via Wi-Fi.

As always consumer mobile device usage reflected seasonal events and interests. Consumers used their mobile devices to make leisure plans. Use of travel applications increased 91 percent month-over-month, as consumers did research about and made purchases related to spring and summer vacations. And sports-related apps experienced a 56 percent growth as consumers engaged with the end of basketball season and the beginning of baseball.
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