Advertising Week Survival Kit

This week the advertising world takes over Manhattan for Advertising Week. Digiday editors are moderating several sessions during the week. We will also cover the highlights, lowlights and key personalities. Our coverage  is made possible by Specific Media.

Here’s a checklist of what you will need to get through Advertising Week unscathed.

1. iPhone charger (duh)

(Image via Flickr)

2. Your business cards

(Image via Flickr)

3. Adderall

(Image via Flickr)

4. Cool kicks

(Image via Flickr)

5. Clean shirt (in case you stay out all night and sleep somewhere that isn’t your place and need to look like that isn’t what happened when you show up at the office the next day)

(Image via Flickr)

6. Advil (you know why)

(Image via Flickr)

7. This Ad Week Question Generator app from Colle + McVoy

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