7 Weird Things That Happened at CES

Digiday is at the Consumer Electronics Show. Lead agency reporter Jack Marshall will examine the show through the eyes of agencies and their clients, exploring the opportunities and challenges that new technologies and devices offer them. Follow Jack on Twitter @jackmarshall.

CES is drawing to a close, so here’s a quick roundup of some of the stranger things Digiday spotted around the exhibition floor this week:

This man needed a permanent escort because he had a tablet stuck to his face:

This man hid under a table:

50 cent and some guy from New Jersey sat in chairs:

This man in sunglasses and a scarf fell asleep on a table:

This man fell asleep on a bench… at 10.30am:

This man fell asleep on the floor:

Dish tried to pass inflatable Lemurs off as kangaroos:

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