5 More Ridiculous Job Titles

It’s that time again when we’ve come across a new batch of ridiculous job titles in the digital media industry. As always, these done-up titles will make you scratch your head or roll your eyes.

1. Director of Invention: OK, Tesla, back to the drawing board.

2. Consumerologist: Hmm, studying consumers: That sounds an awful lot like an already existing job title. You’ve probably heard of it: marketer.

3.  Chief Visionary Officer: How do you look people in the eye and seriously tell them that you are a chief visionary officer?

4. Creativity analyst: Adding “analyst” to a job title might make it sounds more serious and more like a higher-paying position, but I’m willing to bet that creative analysts don’t make as much as financial analysts.

5. Meme Director: Man, this one takes the cake. Must be hard keeping track of the latest cute animal pics and philosoraptor musings.

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