Apple’s two latest updates to Safari’s anti-tracking feature, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, have created a headache for anyone looking to attribute an ad clicked on one site to a product purchase or other conversion that occurs on the advertiser’s site. Now Apple is offering an olive branch of sorts: an ad attribution tool dubbed Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution.

WTF is Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution?
A terrible name for Apple’s ad attribution tool, so let’s just call it Apple’s ad attribution tool. Apple recognizes that companies need to be able to tie ads to business results, like someone purchasing a product on an advertiser’s site after clicking on an ad on a publisher’s site. But it’s not wild about companies using ad attribution methods to track people around the web. So it has come up with its own ad attribution tool that tries to strike a balance between the two by recording when someone clicks on an ad and then converts on the advertiser’s site but without letting companies trace that conversion to a particular person.

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