Wow Air is looking for Snapchat users to travel the world for free

Wow Air is giving people an incentive to actually make a creative Snapchat story.

The Icelandic budget carrier is looking for four people with half-decent Snapchat skills for its new contest, called “SnapTraveler.” Lucky winners will first head to Iceland to meet with the airline’s marketing team and then be whisked off on an all-expense paid trip to one of its 28 destinations for up to a week.

Only catch is that winners have to promote their experience on Wow Air’s social media accounts, including Snapchat.

To enter, the airline is asking people to submit a Snapchat story (in English) on its website. Wow Air says it’s looking for “someone creative, ambitious and fun with a passion for travel, good Snapchat storytelling abilities and of course, the Wow factor.”

Wow Air was established in 2013 to take on the Nordic island’s legacy carrier Icelandair. Its motto is “the airline with the biggest smile and lowest prices,” marketing itself toward younger travelers that are helping Iceland experience record-breaking tourism numbers.

Between its $99 one-way fares, brightly colored — and creatively named — jets and heavy social media presence, the airline has garnered an online following. Rather than promoting itself with expensive ad campaigns, Wow Air has focused on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and even Tinder.

When it opened for business in San Francisco and Los Angeles in January, Wow Air gave free tickets to travelers who followed clues to find their reps in the city. The airline has also run promotions on Tinder, where it gave away free tickets to a few lucky swipers.

“Of course this caught the attention of the media and Wow Air [has] gained brand awareness,” Erla Björgheim Pálsdóttir, the airline’s head of online marketing, told Digiday. “Snapchat is one of Wow Air’s way to interact with millennial travelers and others that appreciate personal approach and spontaneity.”

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