Why Kia is Going With Spotify

Kia Motors is tapping Spotify for a new Facebook campaign to promote its new Rio car by letting consumers create their own driving playlist and at the same time interact with the brand.

Kia is asking music enthusiasts to interact with the brand on Facebook by proposing top songs for the “Sing at the Top of Your Lungs” online playlist. Songs can be nominated through April 15 on the Kia Rio Facebook page and shared across social networks.

Since the submission period began on the Kia Rio Facebook page in February, more than 1,100 songs have been submitted for inclusion on the playlist on Spotify, with song selections totaling 15 hours of music and an average of 24 minutes of time spent per user listening to the playlist.

“What we want to do is we want to be a brand participant and not just a spectator,” said George Haynes, social and digital media manager at Kia Motors. “We want to give consumers the option of interacting with our brand and Spotify allows us to do that in an engaging way that is very similar to what Kia is all about: fun.”

Kia’s target audience skews slightly younger than the typical car buyer. So, targeting these consumers on a social media destination like Facebook makes sense. Having consumers create playlists and then listen to them is a smart way to get people to care and participate.

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