What Would Donny Deutsch Do?

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Shit Ad Agencies Say: “What would Donny Deutsch do?” The only surprising thing about this latest in the series of “Shit ___ Say” videos is it took this long to get to ad agencies. What’s next, ad tech vendors? Hmm….

Agency Thing of the Day: Digital agency Big Spaceship has its own app for finding the nearest taco: Taco Finder. This is really not a bad idea at all, especially in New York, where authentic, good tacos are hard to come by. And it’s free! More agencies should get into the novelty app game.

New Meme Alert of the Day: Once again cats are given the meme treatment in a new, slightly cruel and definitely unusual way: breading. This is when you cut out a whole from a piece of bread, stick it on a cat’s head and snap a picture. Gawker

Yahoo App: Check out this pretty neat Web app from Yahoo. It visualizes Yahoo’s most popular headlines by criteria that you can choose, like age, gender and geography. Yahoo C.O.R.E

Tumblr of the Day: This will be your new favorite animal: Capybaras! Just look at this one being a total babe. Fuck Yeah Capybara

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