Video: Martin Sorrell on blockchain, Snapchat and brands bringing marketing in-house

Digiday covers the latest from marketing and media at the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. More from the series →

In Cannes this year, Digiday’s Kerry Flynn sat down with S4 Capital’s Martin Sorrell to get his take on some of the hottest industry trends, from Snapchat to brands bringing marketing in-house. The key hits:

  • “Cryptocurrency, question mark, but blockchain is in. I side a bit with Warren Buffett. Facebook is probably doing it for different reasons.”
  • “I’m long on the shares [for WPP] so I have to say, in.”
  •  “[YouTube] has to work on their brand safety issues. They’ve got 10,000 people in there already, they need a few more.”

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