The Secret Way to ‘Win’ Loads of Cannes Lions

Agencies love awards, but winning them can be hard work. It requires getting clients to sign off on edgy, exciting work. It means finding a Brit, South African or Australian to do the voiceover for your slick awards-entry video. It sometimes requires dealing with the politics on awards juries. And often there’s no guarantee of success.

Now there’s a better, more automated way to get all the awards you need. Canadian agency Rethink decided to skip the hard part of actually making award winning work, and just produced its own awards using a 3D printer instead. So far it has 811 gold Lions awards, 194 silver One Show pencils, and the Loerie Award for South African agency of the year.

“You don’t have to rely on creative ideas, complex production, or parody videos to get awards,” the parody video it created notes. “You can just print them.”
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