WTF are the ID-based vs. model-based approaches to data clean rooms?

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First-party data is like a secret sauce for advertisers, media companies and tech platforms. And with ad buyers and sellers increasingly planning to transact against their first-party data sets, they have to figure out to what extent they may or may not need to share that secret sauce with others.

ID-based matching has been the primary way that companies have used clean rooms to make their data available to others. But not all companies are comfortable with this approach. 

Enter the model-based approach. Considered by agency executives to be the next generation of clean room strategies, the model-based approach offers a different way for companies to share their first-party data recipes without allowing companies to connect to the underlying data, as Essence Global’s Therran Oliphant, Permutive’s Lauren Tiley and Publicis Media’s Jess Simpson help to explain in the video above.

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