The ‘Broad City’ gals discuss their digital lives, weed, and Hillary Clinton’s cameo


“The Internet is kind of, like, making every one of us a millennial,” according to Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson at her SXSW panel on the future of entertainment today. But while the generational buzzword gets applied to the show so frequently, Jacobson admitted she hardly knew what a millennial is — or if she even was one. (It turns out she is, she said, after being told the millennial cutoff is basically anyone born after 1980.)

That precious obliviousness is what makes Jacobson and her co-star Ilana Glazer perfect budding icons for their cohort. Their Comedy Central show, in its third season, is a surprise hit. They were both on hand in Austin to discuss how they came from a Web series to the heights of comedy television. Here’s what we learned:

They write the show using Google Docs
The best friends and co-stars use Google Docs to collaborate on the show. “It was our main thing when we were making a Web series. It was a place where we could both put down ideas from wherever we were to sort of keep track of everything,” Jacobson said. But she also laid a bombshell, saying that last she checked the master doc was gone from the cloud. All that work disappeared. “It ain’t there, so we in trouble,” she said. It’ll be fine, right?

Facetime and Amazon
Jacobson and Glazer try to watch the show together when it airs, but if they’re not, they watch while talking on Apple Facetime. They rely on Amazon for products like humidifiers and rubber ice cube trays, because Jacobson was afraid to go into Bed, Bath and Beyond since they incorporated the store into jokes on the show. (There was a marketing rep from Bed, Bath and Beyond in the audience spoke up during the session to assure them that the company loves the show. Awkward!)

Smoke weed every day
Glazer is known as the pot smoker of the duo, and she was asked about her weed habits. She said she usually smokes every day. “Smoke or vape,” she said, using the term for the hip electronic form of smoking cannabis.

Hillary is coming
Broad City is becoming famous for its cameos, nabbing stars like Kelly Ripa and Seth Rogan. Perhaps their biggest get was Hillary Clinton, though, who Glazer revealed would be in Wednesday’s episode. The plot involves her character joining the campaign. A Bernie Sanders supporter in the audience questioned why the women went with Clinton. “That’s not our show really; ‘Let’s make a political stance here.’ It’s really more, this is something that Ilana’s character would do, and regardless of where we stand. And we love Hillary; Hillary is such an iconic figure,” Jacobson said.

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