Swatch trademarks Steve Jobs’ iconic line ‘one more thing’

Swatch wants to tick off Apple.

The Swiss watchmaker in Europe has acquired the trademark for “one more thing,” a phrase closely associated with the software giant’s founder Steve Jobs. He would save the line for the end of press conferences when he would unveil an eagerly anticipated product, like the iPod Shuffle.

Since Jobs’ death in 2011, the company as well as the current CEO Tim Cook hasn’t uttered the line except at the unveiling of the Apple Watch last year.

Yet, the technological advancement didn’t impress Swatch CEO Nick Hayek Jr., who dismissed the watch as an “interesting toy, but not a revolution.” The company has continued to ratchet up its rivalry with Apple by filing papers in May to trademark the phrase.

It’s unclear what Swatch intends do with the phrase. Apple has not yet responded to Digiday’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first time that Swatch has gone up against Apple. Last year, Swatch successfully prevented Apple from using the Watch’s original name, iWatch, because it sounded similar to its iSwatch.

While Swatch has no plans to create a watch directly rivaling the Apple Watch, the company is creating a device that is equipped with mobile payments similar to Apple Pay. Perhaps the “one more thing” phrase will come in handy for a future ad campaign.

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