Sprint CEO calls out T-Mobile CEO on Twitter over ‘uncarrier bullsh-t’

John Legere is getting a taste of his own medicine. The T-Mobile CEO has earned a reputation for being outspoken and combative on his personal Twitter account, but now a rival is taking him to task.

Sprint rolled out this week a splashy new ad campaign with David Beckham hawking its new “All In” wireless plan that’s $80 a month for a new phone and unlimited data. It sounds like a deal, but critics slammed the company for not including taxes in the total price and hiding the fact cost of renting the phone has increased.

Legere took notice:

That tweet riled up Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, which sent him into an explicit rant calling out T-Mobile’s plans:

Legere hasn’t yet responded and it would be weird if he didn’t return tweet-fire eventually. In the past, he’s taken on Donald Trump for dissing T-Mobile’s network and slammed AT&T’s data rollover plan.

Yet, this battle is only Claure’s to lose. T-Mobile has posted profits and strong subscriber numbers over the past year and is about to overtake Sprint as the country’s number three mobile carrier. But it shows that Claure isn’t ready give up the fight yet — until Legere gets the final word.

Header image via T-Mobile/Facebook.


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